Owen CX Debuts “Net Promoter Master Class”

Net Promoter Master Class
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Embed NPS within your organization

Owen CX has a new NPS training program “The Net Promoter Master Class” for b2c or b2b organizations looking to improve Net Promoter acumen and re-engineer the customer experience.

This paid product includes case studies, results analysis, root cause techniques and helps customer-centric organizations improve satisfaction and loyalty.  It is perfect for companies that need to align and educate around NPS. Also for those looking to take their program from monitoring sentiment to making real people, process and technology changes.

This comes from former Satmetrix CEO Richard Owen and team. The course takes results and case studies from 15 years of NPS / VOC implementations to provide practical, time-tested techniques for immediate CX impact.

NPS and Voice of Customer in CX

NPS / VOC is an often overlooked aspect of Customer Experience Design.  It is critical however to be versed in various modes of customer feedback and to understand how unstructured data sets can enrich customer profiles.  The easy example would be to identify a cohort of high-value customers with low NPS / VOC indicators, then build out an appropriate treatment strategy.

The Net Promoter Master Class is available now.

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